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Why add tromethamine (77-86-1) in cosmetics?

2017-02-23 来源:亚科官网
23 February 2017
  At present, a lot of cosmetics on the market claimed to be natural and no additives, however, it is impossible for a skin care product that all the ingredients are natural, in general, more than 70% of the ingredients are natural ingredients, then it has been very rare. Because the effective skin care products must also add other ingredients, such as anti-corrosion, moisturizing or whitening and other ingredients. Among them, tromethamine is a very common additive. So what is the role of tromethanol in cosmetics? Is it safe? This article will interpret this.
  The main additives in cosmetics are as follows:
Antioxidants: In order to prevent oxidation reaction between the oil in the cosmetics and air, and makes cosmetics discoloration, deterioration, the antioxidants are needed in cosmetics;
Preservatives: It is necessary to add preservatives in order to inhibit the possible contamination of microorganisms in cosmetics and the secondary contamination of consumers during use;
Humectant: Cosmetics are specially used to adjust the skin, which need to add the natural moisturizing factor, that is, humectant;
Surfactant: The base cosmetic is composed of oil and water, which mixes the oil in water and does not separate from each other is known as surfactant. It can reach the effects of washing, wetting, emulsification and dispersion, Solubilization, blistering and so on;
Acid, alkali, salt substances: these substances are mainly used to adjust the pH value;
Spices: some flavor are often added, so that cosmetics have attractive fragrance and causing good mood.
  In addition to the above substances, in order to make cosmetics have a special effect, some special additives are often added in the cosmetics, such as vitamins, hormones, phospholipids, anti-inflammatory agent, brightener, UV absorber, placenta extract, allantoin, herbs and folk medicine infusion, natural plants, vegetables, fruit extracts and so on.
  Tromethamine, is also known as tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, or Tris. It is a kind of white crystal, odorless, slightly sweet taste and bitter. In biochemistry and molecular biology experiments, it is the most commonly used preparation material for buffers. In addition, tromethamine is also the surfactants, vulcanization accelerators and intermediates of some medicine.
  The most important effect of tromethamine in it is to adjust the pH. The pH of healthy oriental skin should be 4.5~6.5, the skin can absorb nutrients in the best state only in the normal pH range. In this range, the skin are in the best condition of flexibility, gloss, moisture, etc., and could defend against external erosion. However, the composition of cosmetics is complex and the pH changes greatly, it depends not only on the variety, source and formula of the raw material, but also related to the participation of microbes during storage, the oxidation of air and the failure of preservatives. Therefore, it is necessary to add a buffer to adjust the pH to the pH range within the allowable range. That is the role of tromethamine, the pH of the whole system can be maintained without significant changes. In addition, it can be used as a thickener and a humectant.
  So how is the safety of tromethanol? In fact, there are other kinds of substances commonly used to regulate the pH, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium citrate, triethanolamine. And tromethamine is the most safe one, it is not easy to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, sensitive skin can also use it. And the amount of additives added in the cosmetics is not much, there will be no security risks with normal use.
  Skin care products are composed of a variety of raw materials and chemical molecular, the substances and the production process is much more complex than imagined. The additives are not sinful, but to ensure the function and quality of skin care products. The State Inspection Bureau listed products are generally safe and would not cause the burden and harm to skin.
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