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PCB circuit board is also moving toward organic materials?

2016-03-18 来源:转载自第三方
Key words: PCB syrup; EDOT
PCB circuit board use a lot of chemical reagents in the production, these reagents will be a PCB syrup, because most are heavy metal salts, acid and alkali reagents, the production of PCB circuit board has always been a high-pollution process. In recent years, organic materials are also gradually into the potions, in the 25th China International Exhibition on Electronic Circuits, the application of organic materials on the circuit board is also an eye-opener.
First of all, in the hole conduction, the original PTH process due to heavy metal pollution and formaldehyde evaporation problems, is gradually replaced by PEDOT and other materials with the application of EDOT and other materials in this area. These products are not only environmentally friendly, and the production process is shorter, can form a higher conductivity organic conductive coating, the effect can almost replace the original metal materials.
In addition, the circuit board material is also increasingly towards organic materials doped with special materials, which can effectively reduce the weight of the circuit board, but also reduce the overall cost of the circuit board.
At present, in PCB circuit boards, commonly used organic reagents include EDOT, PEDOT, PSS, PEDOT-PSS, iron p-toluenesulfonate and so on. In circuit board manufacture, a method of reacting EDOT with a catalyst to form PEDOT is often used to form a conductive coating, of course, there are also the use of PEDOT-PSS doped polymer materials to improve the conductivity, how to operate depends on the choice of customers.
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