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Implantable opioid addiction drug Probuphine opens up a new era of medicine

2016-06-03 来源:转载自第三方
3 June 2016
  Are you still anxious about dependence on opioids? FDA Drug Authorities tell you that the first implanted buprenorphine Probuphine will help treat opioid analgesics, heroin and other opioid addiction, the treatment of drug dependence and addiction is no longer a dream.
  Probuphine was developed by Titan Pharmaceuticals and Braeburn Pharmaceuticals to provide patients with sustained, stable and reasonable doses by subcutaneous implantation. The drug is safe and effective, the addiction symptoms were improved and stable controlled with Probuphine, most patients can be without re-medication within six months. The traditional buprenorphine dosage form is usually tablet or sublingual patch, need to dissolve in order to produce a role, which is not only non-conducive to long-term stable administration, but also caused drug dependence and severe chronic diseases. In terms of drug safety, the side effects are similar, but Probuphine, as an implantable drug, can cause some skin reactions, but this does not affect the overall performance of the drug. As a major breakthrough in medical opioid addiction chronic disease, we presumably Probophine's prospects are very good, it is learned that the drug will be listed in the United States in late June.
  Unhealthy drugs that are harmful to the human body will eventually be discarded by the times. As traditional dopant drugs are replaced by subcutaneous implants, Probuphine's approval provides patients with a new drug option that will help more opioid addicts effective withdrawal of drug dependence, bring hope and light for such patients.
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