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China will strictly control the abuse of antibiotics?

2016-08-31 来源:转载自第三方
31 August 2016
  Antibiotics, also known as antibacterial and "anti-bacterial agent", is a class of drugs used to inhibit bacterial growth or kill bacteria, which is mainly used for medical and against the pathogens in body. At present, there is misunderstanding in the use of antibiotics, drug abuse led to the problem of antibiotic resistance. Recently, China issued 《national action plan to curb bacterial resistance (2016-2020)》, the World Health Organization issued a briefing and showed a lot of support.
  In fact, as early as November last year, the World Health Organization has investigated the use of antibiotics in China, Mexico, India, Nigeria and other 12 different regions. The results show that almost two-thirds (64%) of the approximately 10,000 people surveyed in 12 countries say that the problem of antibiotic resistance may affect themselves and their families, but they are not clear about the way and the solution; Nearly one-third (32%) think that once you feel better you can stop taking antibiotics and do not need to complete the prescribed treatment.
  The World Health Organization declares that the data can not represent each region and can not represent the global situation, but still gives us a warning. WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan said in the release of the findings that "the rise in antibiotic resistance is a global health crisis and governments are recognizing that this is one of the biggest public health challenges today and it is currently increasing to high risk levels around the world, antibiotic resistance is undermining our ability to treat infectious diseases and undermine many advances in medicine.
  The newly released National Action Plan lists the main measures to be taken in China, including:
(1) play a joint defense control advantages, implemente departmental responsibilities.
(2) to increase the intensity of research and development of antimicrobial drugs.
(3) to strengthen the management of antimicrobial drug supply.
(4) to strengthen the construction for application of antimicrobial drugs and control system of drug resistance.
(5) improve the application of antimicrobial drugs and bacterial resistance monitoring system.
(6) to improve the professional prevention and control of bacteria resistance.
(7) to strengthen the prevention and control of environmental pollution of antimicrobial agents.
(8) to strengthen public propaganda and education.
(9) to carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation.
  These actions are in line with the strategic objectives of the WHO Global Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistance. And therefore we also received the support of the World Health Organization. We are also looking forward to working with international organizations such as the World Health Organization to carry out the relevant work to achieve the goals of the action plan and guide people to use antibiotics correctly. This is essential to protect our offspring from the threat of infectious diseases and to promote medical progress.
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