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Tu Yoyo artemisinin research made new progress

2016-09-07 来源:转载自第三方
7 September 2016
  At the third session of the Chinese medicine science conference on September 5, the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine artemisinin research center researcher Liao Fulong said the team of Tu Yoyo recently has made new progress in the artemisinin research and found that Artemisia annua also has other antimalarial components other than artemisinin, which may provide a new method for the treatment of malaria.
  After last year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, the team continued to conduct an in-depth study of the efficacy of artemisinin and found that natural components with no antimalarial activity in artemisinin could enhance the antimalarial efficacy of artemisinin. The Artemisia annua internal multi-component can change the in vivo process of artemisinin, improve bioavailability.
  Malaria is a terrible tropical disease, a parasitic malaria parasite female mosquito bites the body that will lead to patients with cold and heat attack in intermittent, which bring great harm to mankind. The mechanism of antimalarial action of artemisinin found in the process of malaria is mainly due to the activation of free radicals through the activation of artemisinin in the process of malaria treatment, combined with malaria proteins, action on the membrane structure of Plasmodium falciparum, which cause damage to the cell structure. Artemisinin save the lives of thousands of people, it is research results to change the world.
Bites of Mosquito can cause malaria
  In addition, Tu Yoyo is also constantly exploring the use of artemisinin in the treatment of other diseases. This year, dihydroartemisinin has been approed of clinical research by the State Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of lupus erythematosus, which provide new possibilities for the treatment of lupus erythematosus.
  Liao Fulong said that the effectiveness of artemisinin is not only the treatment of malaria, there are many places worthy of study, such as anti-virus, immunosuppressive, anti-tumor, anti-fungal effect. Ms. Tu Yoyo is a representative of China's outstanding scientists, she has made outstanding contributions for the country's scientific and technological development and the development of Chinese medicine technology.

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