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New type cancer suppressant 3BP, effective or fatal?

2016-09-21 来源:转载自第三方
21 September 2017
  Recently, Johns Hopkins University developed a new type of cancer drugs, which was suspected to cause death of three cancer patients, patients who died before have received cancer replacement therapy by a German non-medical practitioners. It is reported that this new drug has not been pass clinical trials. German police are currently investigating whether the incident constitutes a manslaughter.
  This drug is called 3BP, the chemical composition is ethyl 3-bromopyruvate, is called as "the most effective treatment of cancer drugs today” by the non-medical practitioners. Some researchers have treated it as a major breakthrough, and its principle is to "starve" tumor cells by inhibiting glycolysis. Because cancer cells are more dependent on the decomposition of glucose on oxidative phosphorylation channels, scientists hope that ethyl 3-bromopyranoate can specifically kill specific cancer cells without affecting normal cells. But so far, the drug has not been clinical trials, effects and safety has not been confirmed. Many scientists believe that this drug should not be used in the patient.
  In animal experiments, ethyl 3-bromopyruvate was known to inhibit tumor growth and even shrink them; in human cancer cell lines experiments, ethyl 3-bromopyranoate was incubated with another chemotherapy agent can improve the effect after mixing. However, the study found that the drug also has obvious toxicity.
  The drug was used in human patients in 2009, and the researchers use 3-bromopyruvate for a 16-year-old boy with liver cancer after approved by the local ethics committee. Although the boy died at the age of 18, the researchers still thought the experiment was very successful. They believe that the proportion of tumor necrosis caused by ethyl 3-bromopyruvate is beyond all known drugs that inhibit cell growth and that patients can live longer life expectancy at higher quality of life after receiving treatment, and that they claim that they did not find any toxic side effects of this drug. But a simple case can not be a strong evidence.
  According to the current study, a single use of ethyl 3-bromopyruvate may be harmful to the patient, the doctor should not use the drug for the patient. With the deepening of scientific research, if it can reduce its side effects when play a role in the inhibition of cancer, the drugs will greatly benefit human. But without the appropriate clinical trials, the drug should not be put into use. The incident also urged the relevant agencies must strictly regulate non-medical practitioners.
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