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FDA approved Chinese original anti-cancer drug for clinical trials

2017-03-28 来源:转载自第三方
28 March 2017
  Recently, Professor Zhang Xiaokun, "Thousand Talents Program" experts of the Central Organization Department from Xiamen University, led the team to develop the original anti-cancer drug K-80003 which has successfully obtained the US FDA clinical trial license, and clinical trials will be carried out in patients with advanced colorectal cancer. This is our new breakthroughs in independent research and development of anti-cancer drugs in true sense.
  The incidence of colorectal cancer in China ranks third in the tumor, while China is also a gastric cancer area with high incidence. Researchers found that their tumor tissue contains a large number of tRXRα cancer protein when they detect clinical samples of colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and breast cancer patients. tRXRα can induce and promote cancer. This is a new anti-cancer target discovered by Professor Zhang Xiaokun, and the development of drugs targeting the oncoprotein will achieve the perfect effect of targeting the cancer cells.
  The original anti-cancer drug K-80003 is targeting at tRXRα cancer protein, it can combine with tRXRα cancer protein well, not only can inhibit cancer cell growth, but also activate the body of other cytokines to kill cancer cells. K-80003 is a anti-cancer drugs with highly developed value of low toxicity and high efficacy. From the scientific theory in the laboratory to the clinical application on the human body, Professor Zhang Xiaokun has gone through six years with K-80003, they have published related papers in the international academic journals "Cancer Cell", "Oncogene", "Carcinogenesis", "Cell", "Chemical Biology", "Cancer Research". Recently, their breakthrough progress of pharmaceutical mechanism in K-80003 is also about to be published.
  In a series of preclinical studies that have been successfully completed, K-80003 has a very significant anti-cancer effect in a variety of animal tumor models, with good oral absorption and high safety. At present, the Dana Faber Cancer Institute gastrointestinal cancer center is responsible for the clinical research of K-80003, Tereko Biomedical Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. commit the transformation and development of K-80003. The discovery and mechanism of action for K-80003 has been based on Xiamen University, transformation and development is also in Xiamen, and it has obtained patent protection of intellectual property rights in the United States, China and other countries.
  K-80003 is a innovative drugs of new mechanism, new target, new drug molecular structure with independent intellectual property rights. If the K-80003 successfully passed clinical trials, a new anti-cancer drugs of low toxicity and high efficacy will be able to produce, and bring gospel not only to the majority of colon cancer patients, but also may be used in gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and other cancer treatment. its research and development is also an important milestone from imitation to innovation in China's drug development.
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