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Scientists have found a new safe way to prevent thrombosis

2017-06-02 来源:转载自第三方
2 June 2017

  Researchers from School of Medicine, the Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic have published a new study in the international journal Nature Communications, which reveals a way to safely prevent thrombosis without increasing the risk of bleeding.
  Thrombosis refers to the formation of thrombi in the arteries or veins, thrombosis once blocked blood vessels, it will make the blood transport system paralysis, the result is fatal. Thrombosis is the root cause of three major fatal cardiovascular diseases (heart disease, stroke and venous thrombosis), the World Health Assembly has set a global goal of reducing premature death of noncommunicable diseases, including reducing 25% of mortality of the heart vascular disease by 2025. And in order to achieve this goal, reducing thrombosis is essential.
  Current anticoagulant drugs such as anticoagulant warfarin, rivaroxaban, apixaban and antiplatelet agents such as aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), clopidogrel (intermediate 2-thiophenylethylamine), Ticarrere, etc. can effectively reduce the heart attack and stroke, but will increase the risk of bleeding.
  Researchers in this paper have discovered a novel thrombosis treatment target that does not increase the risk of bleeding. The new pathway acts on a pair of protein receptors, Mac-1 and GPIbα. Mac-1 is a receptor found on the surface of leukocytes that is affected by vascular injury. GPIbα is located on the surface of platelet-forming clot. They interact each other in formation of inflammation and thrombosis, and when the receptor interacts, it can trigger a signal cascade that amplifies inflammation and coagulation. In animal experiments, this interaction leads to the thrombosis in mice, but thrombosis can be blocked by antibodies or new therapeutic small molecules that bind to Mac-1 receptors, with no bleeding risk.
  The study revealed previously unknown cell receptor interactions, and perhaps there will be new antithrombotic drugs developed soon. When treated by small molecules, thrombosis can be safely prevent and avoid the risk of excessive bleeding, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
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