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These methods may help prevent dementia

2017-06-28 来源:转载自第三方
28 June 2017

  Last weekend, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine published a report that suggested three interventions that could have a protective effect on dementia.
  Dementia is a neurodegenerative dysfunction that occurs in older patients. According to the statistics from World Health Organization, there are 4,700 million dementia patients now, by 2050, the number is expected to more than 130 million. Because the etiology and pathogenesis is not clear, there is no cure for drugs, but through years of research, scientists developed a number of drugs can control the disease, including cholinesterase inhibitors, anti-amyloid β protein, anti-tau protein phosphorylation, anti-oxidative stress, anti-apoptotic, NMDA receptor antagonists, enhanced synaptic connections, anti-inflammatory, neurotransmitter, neural stem cell transplantation and so on.
  And how to prevent dementia, there is no clear way. The National Institute of Science, Engineering and Medicine convenes a committee of experts to analyze all the relevant studies so far on which ways to really prevent or delay dementia, and specific recommendations have been made. Experts believe that the following three approaches may help:
Cognitive training: There is evidence that cognitive training helps delay or slow down age-related cognitive decline at least in the short term, but it is unclear whether such interventions are effective for a long time;
Control of blood pressure: 35~65 years of age, good control of blood pressure, is considered to be possible to prevent, delay or slow the clinical Alzheimer's disease dementia, which is also help prevent coronary heart disease and stroke;
Exercise: Clinical trials have shown that strengthening exercise may help delay or slow down age-related cognitive decline, as well as many health benefits that reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  The researchers said that the information will be further studied. This information is very meaningful to the public, they can not only make the right judgements on the products or activities on the market, but also can take appropriate measures to prevent Alzheimer's disease. More importantly, we should be more concerned about the elderly around, active prevention, timely detection, and control the disease effectively.
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