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Micro-flexible capacitors, new hope for the development of smart wearable devices!

2018-07-09 来源:转载自第三方
9 July 2018
  Recently, researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences collaborated with researchers from the Shenzhen Graduate School of Tsinghua University to develop an all-solid-state planar lithium-ion miniature flexible capacitor with high energy density, good flexibility, and excellent high temperature stability, and highly integrated features. Related research result has been published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science in an article entitled "All-solid-state flexible planar lithium ion micro-capacitors".
  In recent years, smart wearable products have emerged in an endless stream, and the concept of flexible electronic products has been continuously proposed. It is urgent to develop micro-energy storage devices with high energy storage density, flexibility and functional integration that are highly compatible with them. Micro-supercapacitors can not only solve the problem of low power density of micro-battery and low energy density of electrolytic capacitors, but also hope to be directly integrated with micro-nano electronic devices as a new generation of micro-energy and power sources.
  In order to achieve this goal, the research team has made many achievements in the previous research: the combination of methane plasma reduction technology and lithography micromachining technology, successfully produced graphene-based high-power planar micro-supercapacitors [2]; The use of layer-by-layer self-assembled graphene oxide and polylysine, and the insertion of boric acid between the layers, high temperature treatment to obtain nitrogen-boron co-doped graphene film for high-capacitance and rate performance of micro-supercapacitors [3]; High-density, highly conductive polymer/graphene, activated graphene/graphene film material prepared by alternating stacking, applied to high specific energy micro-flexible supercapacitors [4]; graphene conductive polymer (PEDOT:PSS) film prepared by spraying method for ultra-thin, printable, ultra-capacitor with AC linear filtering function [5]; using thiophene nanosheet and graphene to prepare a stacked layer heterojunction composite film, and It is used in all solid supercapacitors and micro supercapacitors [6].
  In this study, the research team pioneered the development of a new concept of all-solid-state flexible planar lithium-ion microcapacitors (LIMC). The LIMC uses high-conductivity graphene as a current collector, a high-voltage ion gel as an electrolyte, a nano-titanate as a negative electrode, a graphene as a positive electrode. It not only has high energy density, excellent cycle stability, high temperature electrochemical stability and excellent mechanical flexibility, but also a good modular integration capability, without the need for metal connectors, it can effectively regulate the output voltage and capacity of the output.
  The ever-increasing growth of smart, flexible and miniaturized electronic products requires high-performance, secure, flexible, and highly integrated planar energy storage systems. Currently, this is still a huge challenge. Therefore, the all-solid-state flexible planar lithium ion microcapacitor has great application potential and application prospects in future flexible and wearable electronic products.
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