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The development of high-end electronic chemicals industry has encountered a bottleneck period, how to get rid of the difficulties

2019-02-28 来源:转载自第三方

Electronic chemicals are also known as "the jewel in the crown of fine chemicals". At present, the overall market is in the state of hundreds of billions of dollars, but because of the large number of categories, the market value of each sub-category is relatively small. After decades, the technical updates for various products have never stopped. Recently, at the second meeting of the 13th People's Congress of Jiangsu Province, a representative of a company executive made recommendations on the development of high-end electronic chemicals industry, which caused strong repercussions.

Electronic chemicals are the key supporting materials for the development of electronic information industry in the world. At present, the import dependence of domestic high-end market products is over 90%. Therefore, it is recommended to vigorously develop high-end electronic chemicals industry, relax investment scale restrictions, set up professional parks for electronic chemicals, and achieve intensive development. At the same time, in the project approval, it can be approved according to "computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing", no longer approved as a chemical project.

For confidentiality, the technology owner does not make a patent application

In the field of high-end electronic chemicals, the national science and technology investment has been great for many years, but the pace of research and development and industrialization is not fast, and the dependence on imports is also high. The biggest problem lies in the technological blockade of developed countries.

At present, the production and research and development of high-end electronic chemicals are still at a high level of secrecy and high monopoly in the world. The production methods, process technology, product quality index system, and even equipment packaging materials, etc., foreign technology owners even do not make the substantive patent applications for confidentiality, it is difficult for domestic technology to research and development institutions to retrieve valuable technical literature information, and relying entirely on their own research and exploration.

Although China has become a big country in the electronic information industry, the market scale has reached the world-class level. However, because China's electronic information industry mainly focuses on the middle and back end of the industrial chain, the design, key processes, key raw materials and key equipment of the front end of the industrial chain are still mainly controlled by developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, industrial development still cannot get rid of dependence on developed countries. The lack of industrial ecology has made it impossible for domestic manufacturers to form independent knowledge, independent technologies and the accumulation of independent patents.

Late start, production and research are both lack of technology and people

According to relevant experts, the research and development of high-end electronic chemicals must rely on independent innovation to establish a complete R&D, production, testing and packaging system. However, there are many problems in technology development and production control. The investment in research and development is huge. Even if a small laboratory is established, it will require at least tens of millions of yuan. If a medium-sized industrial plant is built, the total investment will be several hundred million yuan.

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