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How to synthesize ACES from cheap raw materials

2019-03-04 来源:转载自第三方
N-(2-acetamido)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid (ACES) is a zwitterionic buffer. The appearance of ACES is a white powder. Its water solubility is colorless and clarified. Since 1966, it has been synthesized by Good’s et al first time, it became a very important buffer in the field of biological research because of its special physical and chemical properties. N-(2-acetamido)-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is used as a biological buffer for biochemical research.
Use of ACES
In biological experiments, it is an important pH stabilizing agent, usually by selecting an appropriate weak acid and its conjugate base to give a suitable pH. Most biological reactions occur under neutral conditions, typically between 6 and 8 for the pH, and the effective buffer range for buffers is also between 6 and 8. It is also desirable that the acid-base form of the buffer does not chelate with certain metal ions.
Preliminary preparation work for ACES
The reagents used in the experiment are: chloroacetamide (chemically pure, Shanghai Tingxin Chemical Plant), taurine (biochemical reagent, Shanghai Boao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.), 95% ethanol (chemically pure, analytically pure, Shanghai Zhenxing Chemical Factory), etc.
The instruments used in the experiment are: three-necked flask, spherical condenser, cylindrical funnel, suction filter bottle, Buchner funnel, agitator, vacuum dryer, qualitative filter paper (9cm), CDR-1 type differential thermometer (Shanghai Balance Instrument Factory), PE 580-B infrared spectrum analyzer (US PE company) and so on.
Synthesis of ACES
A certain amount of an aqueous mixture of chlorhexidine and taurine is refluxed, and the reaction solution is adjusted to a certain pH. When the reaction is completed, the reaction solution is cooled, adjusted to acidity, and white crystals are obtained in an alcohol solution in a yield of 65% to 70%. After recrystallization, a white product was obtained which was dried in a vacuum drier. The yield of recrystallization is 45% to 55%.
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