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Excellent dielectric for a variety of applications——giant dielectric materials

2019-07-11 来源:转载自第三方
Due to the huge demand for energy and the rapid development of the microelectronics industry, the search for dielectric materials with high dielectric constants for electronic and energy storage devices has received wide attention. These materials are expected to further expand the application of dielectric materials in modern electronics, sensors, energy storage, multi-function devices and other fields.
Recently, the Wei Xianhua team of Southwest University of Science and Technology summarized the research progress of giant dielectric materials, and published a review paper published in Advanced Functional Materials. The paper classifies and reviews the giant dielectric materials according to the structure and properties of the materials. Dielectric mechanism, detailed introduction of the regulation methods and materials of giant dielectric properties in the field of pressure sensitive, energy storage and light-emitting devices, and prospects for the challenges and opportunities in the development of giant dielectric materials.
Ferroelectric oxides have been extensively studied in giant dielectric materials, and ferroelectric materials have great prospects in energy storage due to their spontaneous polarization and phase transition characteristics. At the beginning of this century, giant dielectric materials represented by calcium, copper and titanium oxide have been sought after in the field of materials research due to the temperature and frequency stability of giant dielectric properties. The material has strong current-voltage nonlinearity, which offers the possibility in the use of pressure sensitive devices. The donor-acceptor co-doped TiO2 reported in 2013 exhibits tens of thousands of giant dielectric constants, dielectric losses as low as 0.03, and good temperature and frequency stability, triggering another boom for research. The 2-dimensional materials that make up the percolation capacitors have great research value due to their large aspect ratio, layer size and fascinating physical properties.
Despite the rapid development of giant dielectric materials, there are still some challenges that need to be solved: (1) In the previous work, research focused on the physical mechanism and low dielectric loss of giant dielectric, and breakdown thereof. There are relatively few studies on strength and resistivity; (2) Relative to bulk ceramics, the study of giant dielectric thin film materials is relatively lagging, which limits its integration into the miniaturization of systems in modern devices; (3) The giant dielectric mechanism is still controversial. Even in the same system, different research groups have reported different dielectric properties and mechanism explanations, and clarifying the contribution of different mechanisms helps to understand the giant dielectric materials.


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