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The Role of HEPES in Cosmetics

2019-08-26 来源:转载自第三方

HEPES is a zwitterionic buffer which applies in cell culture media, the study of protein, IVD reagent kits. It adjusts pH value range of solution from 6.8 to 8.2, especially useful at physiological pH. In addition to the above application, it can be used in cosmetics. 

HEPES functions in cosmetic solution is to balance the nature of its more acidic counterparts. Due to its ability to maintain pH conditions during chemical reactions, HEPES is frequently paired with ingredients such as glycolic acid to help prolong and maintain the quality of skincare products. 

In open patents, HEPES is selected as desquamating agent. It can be applied to the skin in any form including in the form of a lotion, gel or cream. As a desquamating agent, use may be made of a mixture of glycolic acid,lactic and HEPES. It is also as an active ingredient to promote metabolism on the skin surface. In addition, HEPES is used as permeation enhancer to promote transdermal adsorption of various functional components in cosmetics. 

In cosmetics, the ingredient is usually selected that provides exfoliation to improve skin appearance. The selection of the ingredient may include a response to the consumers skin condition, the previously selected ingredients, the compatibility profile of the already selected ingredients, and the identity of the previously selected ingredients. Among the exfoliation agents selected, HEPES with efficacious concentration is identified to provide exfoliation. 

According to the open patents and commercial products, HEPES can be applied in following cosmetics product.

1. Aqueous products, such as essence, toner,facial mask.

2. Lotion and cream.

3. Cleansing products. 


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