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IVD play an important role in the prevention of cervical cancer

2019-11-22 来源:转载自第三方


     IVD are widely used in disease prevention, clinical diagnosis and treatment, and are closely related to our lives. In vitro diagnostic reagents commonly used in life are clinical basic test reagents, such as blood urine stool routine test and early pregnancy strip. In addition, vitamin determination, autoimmune function diagnosis and virus infection identification need the assistance of in vitro diagnostic reagents.

  IVD play an important role in the prevention of cervical cancer, which has been receiving much attention.

     "A new woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer approximately every 1 minute worldwide, and approximately 1 minute is lost to a woman due to cervical cancer.Recently, a series of public science short films "cervical cancer and its enemies" produced by Fudan University's affiliated obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital triggered a wide discussion on the Internet, and once again sounded the alarm of cervical cancer prevention.

     In addition to eliminating unhealthy health habits in videos, HPV vaccination and regular screening are the main preventive measures for cervical cancer prevention in China. Two common screening methods for cervical cancer, cervical cytology and HPV (human papillomavirus), are inseparable from the participation of IVD.

    Regarding cervical cancer screening, according to the latest foreign media reports, British researchers have newly developed a cervical cancer test method. Women collect urine and vaginal secretion samples at home and send them to a laboratory for testing. This screening method can be used as an alternative to the scraping test. Compared with the traditional traditional cervical scraping test, it is not only more convenient, but also saves the examiner from pain and embarrassment. Although this test method is still in the experimental stage and has not been officially launched, it is undoubtedly the gospel of women worldwide.

      In the future, women can order cervical cancer screening by ordering an in vitro diagnostic kit for use at home, and then mailing the sample to a testing agency for testing. This further illustrates the advances in current diagnostic technology and the positive role of in vitro diagnostic reagents in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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