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New Green Additive——DTT

2020-02-27 来源:转载自第三方

As is well-known,DL-Dithiothreitol (DTT), CAS: 3483-12-3 ,which is widely used in scientific research,is often used as a reducing agent and deprotecting agent for thiolated DNA, and a reducing agent for disulfide bonds in proteins. DTT can also be used as a new type of green additive which has an important role in improving battery performance.

DTT As Shear Agent In Lithium Sulfur Battery

Lithium sulfur battery is considered to be a potential battery system because of its high energy density, green environmental protection and other advantages. However, the "shuttle effect" of polysulfide leads to poor cycle life and serious self discharge of lithium sulfur battery, which are the main reasons that limits its application.

DTT can be added to the cell as a shear agent, which can shear the disulfide bond rapidly at room temperature, shear the high-order polysulfide to prevent its dissolution, inhibit the generation of shuttle effect, and improve the electrochemical performance of lithium sulfur battery.

DTT As Electrolyte Additive In AlkalineAluminum /Air Batteries

In alkaline aluminum / air batteries, dithiothreitol can form a uniform and stable protective layer through the dynamic covalent bond on the surface of aluminum anode, which can inhibit the self-corrosion of aluminum anode and effectively improve its performance.


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