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A new type of battery electrolyte: nano alumina / polyurethane non-porous membrane

2020-04-20 来源:转载自第三方

Non-porous membrane is a new electrolyte system composed of polymers and their derivatives, which has attracted much attention in recent years. Compared with traditional battery electrolytes, it has the advantages of high safety, good thermal stability, wide electrochemical window, etc. It is widely used in lithium-ion batteries and metals Air batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, etc.

Recently, Kaiming Liao and Xiu Zhang from Nanjing University of Technology have prepared a new type of non-porous membrane using polyurethane (TPU) polymer and γ-phase nano alumina (hereinafter referred to as nano alumina),Nano alumina / polyurethane non-porous membrane. Thanks to the high strength and high toughness of polyurethane polymers and the uniformity and ease of dispersion of nano-alumina particles, this non-porous membrane has the excellent characteristics of high ionic conductivity.

The R & D personnel tested the electrochemical performance of the non-porous membrane, and the results showed that, The room temperature ion conductivity of the non-porous separator provided by the presentinvention is as high as 6.94×10-3 S cm-1, and the electrochemical window of the non-porous membrane provided by the present invention is up to 5.0V, the electrochemical stability is good.

In addition, the non porous membrane has the gelation function in the organic solvent lithium ion battery, not only can prevent the leakage of organic electrolyte, but also prevent the short circuit thermal runaway caused by the puncture of lithium dendrite, the lithium ion battery exhibits stable and good cycle performance at room temperature and has a long cycle life.

In summary, the non-porous membrane has good physical and electrochemical properties.

Applying it to lithium-ion batteries has higher ion conductivity, smaller voltage polarization and good cycle stability, which can greatly improve the safety performance and cycle life of lithium-ion batteries.

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