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The Focus of Attention: Conductive Polymer Materials

2020-06-03 来源:转载自第三方

The conductive polymer material refers to a polymer material having a conductive function and a conductivity of 10-6 S/m or more. Since its discovery, it has been receiving much attention. Conductive polymer materials take into account the excellent processing performance of polymer materials and the conductive properties of metal materials, and have great commercial application value.

The Application of Conductive Polymer Materials in Battery Materials

The doped structural conductive polymer has good conductivity and has reversible electrochemical redox characteristics. The battery made of conductive polymer material has the characteristics of easy processing, film bending, high energy, etc. The conductive polymer is durable After solving the problems of sex and stability, it will become the perfect material for making new batteries.

Polythiophene derivative PEDOT:PSS is a transparent conductive polymer with the most extensive research. It is widely used in the anode modification layer and transparent antistatic coating of polymer light-emitting diodes and polymer solar cells conversion efficiency plays an important role.

The Application of Conductive Polymer Materials in Stealth Technology

Conductive polymer materials have been used in stealth technology in recent years due to their diverse structure, low density and unique physical and chemical properties. Electromagnetic waves will form an induced current in the conductor and generate heat, so that the energy of the electromagnetic waves is consumed, but too high conductivity will increase the reflection of the electromagnetic waves on the surface of the material, which is not conducive to the absorption of electromagnetic waves.

Because the conductive polymer material has adjustable conductivity, the conductivity of the conductive polymer material can be adjusted reasonably, and it can play a perfect stealth effect on electromagnetic waves. Conductive polymer materials can be used as electromagnetic shielding materials, stealth coating materials, and wave absorbing materials in radar stealth technology, infrared stealth technology, etc. in stealth technology, which is of great significance in the field of aerospace.

The Application of Conductive Polymer Materials in Sensors

The conductivity of the conductive polymer changes significantly with the change of mass concentration, external temperature, gas environment and other factors. Electrochemical sensors, ion mass concentration sensors, and temperature sensors prepared using conductive polymers have been widely used, and because of The compatibility of polymer materials with the human body, conductive polymers as biomedical sensors are being studied in depth.

Solar cells, stealth technology and sensors are some of the many applications of conductive polymer materials. Conductive polymer materials can also be used in various fields such as supercapacitors, display materials, biomedical materials, etc. Play more value in multiple industries and become a new force of new materials.


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