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3D Printed Compressible Quasi-Solid-State Nickel-Iron Battery

2020-07-09 来源:转载自第三方

Wearable electronic devices that are lighter in weight, smaller in size and self-adjustable are becoming more and more popular. In order to meet this demand, flexible, scalable/compressible and durable energy storage devices are essential. Quasi-solid water-based rechargeable batteries with high power density, safety and long service life, especially water-based nickel-iron batteries, have been given much hope.

Dezhi Kong [1] and others from Zhengzhou Universityused hydrogel polymer as the matrix material of battery separator and electrolyte, PET board as the matrix material of battery shell, and then used the rGO/CNTs aerogel microgrid prepared by 3D printing technology as the matrix material. The self-supporting current collector and support body of the nickel-iron battery electrode, the electrochemically active inorganic nanomaterials are directly grown on the rGO/CNTs aerogel microlattice structure to prepare the positive and negative electrodes of the nickel-iron battery, and the two electrodes are assembled into a compressible the quasi-solid-state Ni–Fe battery .

After testing, this quasi-solid nickel-iron battery has excellent electrochemical performance, especially in terms of area energy density and long-cycle stability.

Professor Hui Ying Yang and others from Singapore University of Technology and Design[2] demonstrate a 3D-printed quasi-solid-state Ni–Fe battery (QSS-NFB) that shows excellent compressibility, ultrahigh energy density, and superior long-term cycling durability.

The preparation of compressible quasi-solid nickel-iron batteries is extremely important in compression-resistant and flexible electronic products.



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2. Dezhi Kong, et al, 3D Printed Compressible Quasi-Solid-State Nickel-Iron Battery, ACS Nano, 2020,DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.0c01157


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