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Application of MOPS |CAS:1132-61-2|in Ink

2022-04-28 来源:转载自第三方

MOPS is a zwitterionic buffer discovered by Good et al. in the 1960s. It has a pKa value of 7.14 at 25℃ and an effective pH adjustment range of 6.5-7.9. It is often used in detection kits, cell culture media, inks and other fields. CN105419484A describes an acid ink for inkjet printing suitable for industrial nozzles. the editor of YACOO will describe the composition and preparation method of the ink in detail.

The ink consists of 9 parts, specifically: acid dye, solubilizer, surfactant, organic solvent, humectant, preservative, defoamer, pH adjuster and deionized water. The specific preparation steps are as follows:

1.Weigh 20 parts by mass of deionized water, 0.1 part by mass of defoamer 104E, 0.1 part by mass of Gas Chemical Surfactant 420, 0.3 part by mass of Dow Chemical’s surfactant EH6, 0.3 part by mass of Nissin Chemical's surfactant EXP.4300, 0.1 part by mass of MOPS, 0.1 part by mass of 4-chloro-3-methylphenol, 1 part by mass of polyether polyol, 22 parts by mass of propylene glycol, 21 parts by mass of Ethylene glycol, 2 parts by mass of 1,6-hexanediol, 1 part by mass of amino acid humectant, 0.1 part by mass of dithiocarbamate derivative, 3 parts by mass of C.I. Acid Red 131 are placed in a container middle.

2.Stir at a high speed of 500 rpm for 60 minutes, filter the material after stirring, and use the 1.0μm filter element, 0.45μm filter element and 0.22μm filter element for 3-stage filtration in turn.

3.Degas the ink, and the oxygen content is required to be below 3.0ppm to obtain the finished acid red ink.

The ink adopts a combination of various surfactants, which can endow the ink with better leveling and wettability, so that the ink has good printing performance and can be used in industrial print heads.


CN105419484A  A kind of inkjet printing acid ink suitable for industrial nozzle and preparation method thereof.


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