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Application of DTT |CAS:3483-12-3|in Electroless Nickel Plating

2022-06-15 来源:转载自第三方

DTT is a small molecule organic reducing agent. DTT is mainly used in nucleic acid extraction/protection, IVD kits, reduction of disulfide bonds in proteins, electroless nickel plating, etc. This week, editors of YACOO introduce the application of DTT in Electroless Nickel Plating.

Electroless nickel plating is a nickel deposition process in which nickel ions are automatically reduced on the metal surface by an appropriate reducing agent in the solution. In the circuit board, by forming a nickel layer between the copper circuit layer and the gold layer of the circuit board, the defects of poor solderability and short service life of the circuit board caused by mutual diffusion between copper and gold can be avoided. At present, technical problems such as rough coating, slow deposition rate, incomplete coating and poor stability of the plating solution generally exist in the prior technology . In order to overcome the deficiencies , CN111733404A provides an electroless nickel plating solution and a preparation method thereof. The specific preparation steps are as follows:

1.The formulation amounts of 10 parts wetting agentThe wetting agent is composed of sodium dihexyl succinate sulfonate, DTT and mercaptobutyric acid in a mass ratio of 22:3:14, 2 parts stabilizer, 2 parts dodecyldihydroxyethyl betaine, and 7 parts N-acylglutamic acid were added to 70 parts deionized water at room temperature. Stir for 20min at a rotating speed of 500rpm to obtain mixed solution A;

2.Add 40 parts of nickel salt, 17 parts of complexing agent and 6 parts of buffer to the mixed solution A , and continue stirring for 30 min to prepare mixed solution B;

3.Add 15 parts of sodium dithionate and 11 parts of brightener to the mixed solution B, continue to stir for 15 minutes, and add 5% by mass sodium carbonate solution to adjust the pH to 6.0.

The plating layer formed by the electroless nickel plating solution provided by this patent is flat and complete, the deposition speed is fast, the plating solution can exist stably, the plating solution does not decompose at high temperature, the preparation method is simple, the operation is controllable, the cost of raw materials is low, and it is easy to realize industrial production.


CN111733404A A kind of electroless nickel plating solution and preparation method thereof