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Brief introduction of CBDO|CAS:3010-96-6| synthesis process

2022-06-23 来源:转载自第三方

CBDO is an important raw material for polyester synthesis. The synthesized polyester material can not only maintain the advantages of copolyester, but also increase the glass transition temperature of the product. CBDO is mainly used to prepare copolyester materials and improve the performance of traditional polyesters. In addition, CBDO also acts as a bacteriostatic agent. So far, The typical and mature method of synthesizing CBDO in the world is to collect DMK obtained after the cracking of ANIB or AIB, polymerize it into TMCD, and then perform hydrogenation. US 5169994 has introduced a kind of preparation method with ANIB as raw material, and the concrete reaction formula is as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1

The specific reaction steps are:

(1) feeding ANIB to a pyrolysis zone wherein the ANIB is heated at a temperature of about 350 to C. to produce a vapor effluent comprising DMK, AIB and unreacted ANIB;

(2) rapidly cooling the vapor effluent to condense AIB and ANIB and separating the condensate from the DMK vapor;

(3) feeding the DMK vapor to an absorption zone wherein the DMK vapor is contacted with and dissolved in a solvent. 

(4) feeding the absorption zone effluent to a dimerization zone wherein the effluent is heated at 70 to C. to convert DMK to TMCD to produce an effluent comprising a solution of TMCD in the solvent;

(5) feeding the dimerization zone effluent to a hydrogenation zone wherein the effluent is contacted with a supported hydrogenation catalyst under hydrogenation conditions of pressure and temperature to produce an effluent comprising a solution of CBDO in the solvent.


US 5169994  Process for the manufacture of 2,2,4,4-tetramethycyclobutanediol.