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Application of CBDO |CAS:3010-96-6|in the field of coatings

2022-07-04 来源:转载自第三方

CBDO is an important raw material for polyester synthesis. The synthesized polyester material can not only maintain the advantages of copolyester, but also increase the glass transition temperature of the product. CBDO can be used in the manufacture of components for baby products and medical devices, as well as in the manufacture of flat decorative panels for washing machines, flat touch panels on refrigerators, interior trims for automobiles, dashboards, displays and keyboards for electronic equipment, etc. In addition, as a bacteriostatic agent, it is used in water-based coatings, personal care, medical and household care and other fields.

CN102307961B provides a thermosetting polyester coating composition, the thermosetting coating composition comprises:

(A).50-90% by weight of at least one curable polyester, based on the combined weight of (A) and (B); the curable polyester consists of the following components:

1.Diacid residues, comprising 20-80 mol % of isophthalic acid residues, based on the total moles of the diacid residues;

2.Diol residues, containing 10-100 mol% CBDO residues, based on the total moles of the diol residues

3.2-40 mol% of at least one polyol residue, based on the total moles of diol and polyol residues;

The above-mentioned curable polyester has a number average molecular weight of 500-10,000 Daltons, a glass transition temperature of -35°C to 50°C, a hydroxyl value of 20-300 mg KOH/g polyester, and an acid value of 0-80 mgKOH/g polyester;

(B).10-50% by weight of a cross-linking agent, based on the total weight of (A) and (B), which cross-linking agent comprises at least one compound reactive with a carboxylic acid or a hydroxyl group;

(C).10-60% by weight of at least one non-aqueous solvent, based on the total weight of (A), (B) and (C)

The composition can be used to formulate coatings for factory and outdoor applications for automotive OEM, automotive refurbishment, transportation, aviation, maintenance, marine, machinery and installations, general metals, appliances, metal furniture, plastics and architectural, etc.


CN102307961B  Thermosetting polyester coating composition containing tetramethylcyclobutanediol.


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