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Preparation method of Tricine |CAS:5704-04-1|

2022-07-25 来源:转载自第三方

Tricine (CAS:5704-04-1) is an excellent amphoteric biological good's buffer. YACOO discloses a kind of preparation method of Tricine in 2022, and its concrete preparation steps are as follows:

1.Tris(hydroxymethylaminomethane) is reacted with compound A to obtain compound II; Compound A is at least one of  or its salt,  or its salt, or its salt, and . Y is halogen, OH, SH, an ester corresponding to OH, and an ester corresponding to SH.

2.Compound II is subjected to at least one of hydrolysis reaction, oxidation reaction and acid-base treatment reaction to obtain Tricine; the oxidizing reagent used in the reaction is at least one of Peroxide, ozone, permanganic acid, permanganate, dichromic acid, dichromate, hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite, chlorous acid, chlorite, fluorine gas, fluorine-containing gas mixture Gas, chlorine, bromine, iodine, manganese dioxide, nitric acid, m-chlorobenzoic acid, m-chlorobenzoate, sulfuric acid, peroxymonosulfuric acid, peroxymonosulfate, hydrosulfuric acid, hydrosulfate, pyrosulfuric acid, coke Sulfate, Oxygen, Carroll's Acid, m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid, m-chloroperoxybenzoate, sulfur trioxide, nitrogen dioxide.

 step S1, the molar ratio of compound I to compound A is 1:(0.1~10);

 step S2, the molar ratio of compound II to the oxidizing reagent is 1:(0.1~10);

In the preparation step, the reaction temperature is -50℃~200℃,  the reaction pressure is -0.05MPa~1MPa, and the reaction time is 0.1h~72h;

The whole preparation process of the present invention is simple and easy to control, which is beneficial to amplifying production, shortens the reaction production period, and can obtain tricine with higher purity through conventional recrystallization and purification, and can effectively improve the yield of the product.


CN113861053A A kind of preparation method of Tricine.


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