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Application of Tricine |CAS:5704-04-1|in the Field of Pollutant Degradation

2022-08-23 来源:转载自第三方

Tricine (CAS:5704-04-1) is an excellent amphoteric biological good's buffer. In the CN 112570441 A patent, a preparation method of a buffering and repairing agent for degrading pollutants is introduced, and the specific preparation steps are as follows:

(1) Dissolving a zwitterionic compound (dipole ion, concentration of 6-60 mmol/L) in deoxygenated water under anoxic conditions to obtain a zwitterionic compound buffer;

(2) mixing the layered ferric hydroxide suspension with the zwitterionic compound buffer prepared in step (1) to obtain a buffer repair agent for degrading pollutants;

The zwitterionic compound in step (1) is preferably at least one of the following 3 types of compounds:

1. Aminosulfonic acid-based 2-(N-morpholinyl)ethanesulfonic acid, 3-(N-morpholinyl)propanesulfonic acid, 4-hydroxyethylpiperazineethanesulfonic acid, 3- sulfonic acid or 3-cyclohexylaminopropanesulfonic acid;

2.Glycine and its derivatives, N-dihydroxyethylglycine, Tricine or alanine based on aminocarboxylic acids or amino acids;

3.Zwitterionic compounds containing quinones;

Beneficial effect

1. The patented raw materials are easy to obtain and low cost, and are suitable for large-scale production and application.

2. By adding a zwitterionic compound as a buffer in this patent, the carbene intermediate in the dehalogenation reaction process can be stabilized, the electron utilization efficiency can be enhanced, the dehalogenation efficiency of the halohydrocarbon-contaminated soil and groundwater can be improved, and the generation of toxic by-products can be reduced.

3. This patent can directly inject the buffer repair agent into the polluted site, which has good economic and social benefits.


CN 112570441 A A kind of buffer repairing agent for degrading pollutants and its preparation and application.