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Application of BSA |CAS:9048-46-8|in the detection of ethylene content in fruits

2022-09-01 来源:转载自第三方

BSA is a globulin in bovine serum. BSA has good biocompatibility, water solubility, low cost, and high stability. Its molecular interior is a hydrophobic pocket, which can be used as a scaffold to bind metal complexes to the interior. Biocompatibility and water solubility are achieved in the case of serum albumin. The CN113150773A patent introduces a method for detecting ethylene in fruits using a chemical fluorescence probe using BSA as a scaffold, the specific detection method is as follows:

1.Detection of ethylene standard concentration: Put the chemical fluorescent probe solution with BSA as the bracket and high-purity water into a small-mouth threaded glass sample bottle with a rubber stopper, add 2mL to 4mL of ethylene gas of different concentrations, and incubate at 37℃for 10min~20min; record the fluorescence spectra of different concentrations of ethylene and the fluorescence intensity at 392nm under the excitation wavelength of 365nm, and analyze the content of ethylene according to the fluorescence recovery of the fluorescent probe.

2.Detection of ethylene concentration in apple samples: Place 300g~600g apples in a 1L~3L airtight jar and incubate for 6h~20h, extract and collect 2mL~4mL ethylene gas at the top every 2h, and detect according to the above step 1. The ethylene content was analyzed according to the fluorescence recovery of the fluorescent probe.

The beneficial effects of this patent are as follows:

1.The detection time is short (about 10min), and the operation is simple.

2. Realize the use of water as the solvent and the use of chemical fluorescent probes to detect ethylene, and avoid the use of toxic solvents to a certain extent, which is safer and more environmentally friendly.

3. Solved two problems: chemical fluorescent probes are easy to complex and deactivate in water, and ethylene is insoluble in water and difficult to detect.


CN113150773A  A method for the detection of ethylene in fruits using a chemical fluorescent probe using BSA as a scaffold.