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Application of BSA|CAS:9048-46-8| in the field of new pesticides

2022-09-05 来源:转载自第三方

BSA is a globulin in bovine serum. BSA is generally used as a stabilizer in the storage solution and reaction solution of restriction enzymes or modified enzymes. BSA has the advantages of safety, non-toxicity, non-immunogenicity, biodegradability and good biocompatibility. It is an ideal carrier material for drug delivery systems. At present, it has been widely used as a diagnostic reagent and a drug carrier, etc. The CN106719636B patent discloses a preparation method of a new type of pesticide bovine serum albumin-thiacloprid nanoparticles. The specific preparation steps are as follows:

1.Dissolve a certain amount of BSA in double-distilled water, prepare it into an aqueous phase, and take a water bath at 50℃ for 30 minutes to obtain a clear and transparent BSA aqueous solution.

2.Take another certain amount of thiacloprid, add acetonitrile to ultrasonically dissolve for 5-20min, and prepare 2-15mg/mL of thiacloprid-acetonitrile oil phase.

3.Adjust the rotational speed of the water phase to 1000-5000 rpm, add the thiacloprid-acetonitrile oil phase dropwise under high-speed stirring, emulsify for 30-60min, take out the emulsion and quickly cool it at 0-4℃ for 5-10min, then take out the ultrasonic 5-20min to obtain bovine serum albumin-thiacloprid ultramicroemulsion.

4.The ultra-microemulsion dialysis membrane (MWCO=5000) was dialyzed overnight, the dialysate was taken out, frozen, and freeze-dried to obtain white powder, namely thiacloprid albumin nanoparticles.

This patent has the following beneficial effects:

(1) BSA itself has the characteristics of biodegradability, non-toxicity, non-antigenicity and high bioavailability. The drug is loaded into it, which is easier to be swallowed and absorbed, and it can better play the role of contact killing and stomach toxicity, and improve the efficacy.

(2) BSA nanoparticles have large drug loading capacity and controlled release capability.

(3) This invention does not require special chemical reagents, the process is simple, the equipment requirements are low, the environmental protection is green, and the cost is low.


CN106719636B  Preparation method of a new type of pesticide bovine serum albumin-thiacloprid nanoparticles.


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