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Application of Parylene F|CAS:1785-64-4| in the field of medical devices

2022-10-09 来源:转载自第三方

Parylene series materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties, optics (light transmittance above 90%), solvent resistance, salt spray resistance, water vapor isolation ability, electrical insulation and other characteristics. It has a wide range of applications in electronics, semiconductors, sensors, magnetic materials, medical equipment, cultural relics protection and other fields. According to different molecular structures, Parylene materials are divided into Parylene N, C, D, HT, F types and other types.

Among them, Parylene F (Chinese name: octafluoro-p-xylene dimer, F powder), molecular formula C16H8F8, CAS: 1785-64-4, as a new generation derivative of Parylene series, not only has good light transmittance, Density, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance, UV resistance, and can maintain more stable physical and chemical properties at higher temperatures. Patent CN109652783B introduces an orthopaedic implantable stent material and its preparation method and application. The material uses a precursor gas source to carry out vacuum coating treatment on the matrix material of porous structure or fibrous structure to form a thin film layer on the matrix material. The precursor gas source is selected from styrene, acrylates and parylene monomers(Parylene C, Parylene N, Parylene D, Parylene F). at least one of.

At least one of styrene, acrylates and parylene monomers is used as a precursor gas source to form a thin film layer to enhance the mechanical strength of the matrix porous structure or fibrous structural material; the method is used to perform surface modification treatment on the thin film layer , so that after the subsequent scaffold material is implanted into the tissue, the tissue cells can be well attached to the film layer and are conducive to the growth of cells.


CN109652783B Orthopedic implantable scaffold material and preparation method and application thereof.