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Application of Parylene F|CAS:1785-64-4| in Lighting Technology

2022-10-25 来源:转载自第三方

Parylene series materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties, optics, solvent resistance, salt fog resistance, water vapor insulation, electrical insulation and other characteristics. Over the years, they have been widely used in aerospace, microelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, magnetic materials, medical equipment, cultural relics protection and other fields. According to the different molecular structures, Parylene materials can be divided into many types, such as Parylene N, C, D, HT, F, etc.As a new generation derivative of Parylene series, Parylene F(Chemical formula:C16H8F8,CAS:1785-64-4) not only has good light transmittance, compactness, corrosion resistance, but also has heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and can maintain more stable physical and chemical properties at higher temperatures.

In the CN210165247U patent, a waterproof LED light source and a waterproof LED light strip are introduced. The waterproof LED light source in the patent includes a circuit board, multiple LED light emitting units, power input terminals, a waterproof layer, and a protective layer. The waterproof layer is Parylene F film or Parylene HT film with a thickness of 3μm-5μm.

The preparation process of the waterproof LED light source is simple. It has a double-layer film structure formed by a waterproof layer and a protective layer. The waterproof layer and the protective layer are made of Parylene film with excellent hydrophobic, heat-resistant and UV resistant properties. The waterproof layer has a dust-proof and waterproof level of more than IP65, a low friction coefficient of the protective layer, and a certain hardness and strength, which can effectively prevent the waterproof layer from being scratched or worn, The product has a longer service life.


CN210165247U A waterproof LED light source and waterproof LED light strip.