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Application of Parylene F|CAS:1785-64-4| in the field of military equipment

2022-10-31 来源:转载自第三方

Parylene series materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties, optics, solvent resistance, salt fog resistance, water vapor insulation, electrical insulation and other characteristics. Over the years, they have been widely used in aerospace, microelectronics, semiconductors, sensors, medical equipment, cultural relics protection and other fields. According to the different molecular structures, Parylene materials can be divided into many types, such as Parylene N, C, D, HT, F, etc. As a new generation derivative of Parylene series, Parylene F(Chemical formula:C16H8F8,CAS:1785-64-4) not only has good light transmittance, compactness, corrosion resistance, but also has heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and can maintain more stable physical and chemical properties at higher temperatures.The CN106811722B patent introduces a preparation method of nano waterproof membrane for military equipment, and the specific steps are as follows:

1) The surface of the military equipment to be coated is cleaned and dried by ultrasonic cleaning agent;

2) Put the military equipment to be coated into the vacuum coating room, heat and vacuumize it;

3)Put the first coating raw material including Parylene N, Parylene C and Parylene D into the evaporation chamber, wherein the weight ratio of Parylene N, Parylene C and Parylene D is 1-1.5:4:5:2; Continue to vacuumize, and the first coating raw material is heated and sublimated,

4)The evaporation chamber is connected with the cracking chamber, and the first coating raw material after sublimation is finally deposited on the surface of military equipment to obtain a waterproof film layer;

5)Add the second coating raw material containing Parylene N, ParyleneC and Parylene F into the evaporation chamber, continue heating, evaporation and cracking, and coat the waterproof film with a protective film. The weight ratio of Parylene N, ParyleneC and Parylene F is 1-2:6-8:3-4.

Parylene N has strong permeability and can effectively form films on the surface of gaps or pinholes. It has low dielectric constant, extremely low friction coefficient and excellent lubrication effect. Parylene C has excellent dielectric properties and physical and mechanical properties. It has extremely low penetration of water molecules and corrosive gases. Its deposition rate is faster than Parylene N, and the corresponding penetration capacity is lower than that of Parylene N. Parylene F can resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, improve its anti-ultraviolet ability, and further improve its anti-aging performance and thermal stability. The combination of ParyleneN, Parylene C and Parylene F is used to coat waterproof film on military equipment. The film has good compactness, waterproof effect, high hardness, enhanced rigidity, and greatly improved thermal stability. The waterproof grade can reach the highest international standard: IPX8.


CN106811722B A preparation method of nano-waterproof film for military  equipment.


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