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Application of TRIS-HCl |CAS:1185-53-1|in the field of biomedicine

2022-11-09 来源:转载自第三方

TRIS-HCl is an organic compound with molecular formula C4H11NO3 and molecular weight 157.6. TRIS-HCl is an important biological buffer and can also be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. TRIS-HCl can also be used for protein crystal growth and the formation of intermediate fibers of nematode nuclear lamina protein under different pH conditions. In addition, TRIS-HCl is also an intermediate for the preparation of surfactants, vulcanization accelerators and some drugs.

The CN112007021A patent discloses the application of TRIS-HCl solution (PH7.4 ± 0.5) in the treatment of hyperuricemia, gout, acute and chronic arthritis, urinary calculi and related diseases. Since uric acid molecule has 4 hydrogen bond donors, 3 hydrogen bond receptors, TRIS-HCl has 4 hydrogen bond donors and 4 hydrogen bond receptors, there are multiple N-H, O-H bonds and N, O atoms on these two monomers, which are easy to form hydrogen bond complexes between them. Furthermore, its drug action mechanism is that trimethylolaminomethane and uric acid combine through hydrogen bond to form a "uric acid• trimethylolaminomethane" conjugate, which prevents uric acid crystallization and dissolves uric acid crystals (stones); At the same time, it can reduce the combination of uric acid with macromolecular substances such as blood lipids and blood glucose, and reduce the impact of uric acid on blood lipids and blood glucose.

This patent is specifically applied to TRIS-HCl injection(PH7.4±0.5, 0.3mol/L or 0.6mol/L )


CN112007021A Application of TRIS-HCl solution in the treatment of hyperuricemia.


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