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Application of BICINE |CAS:150-25-4|in the field of environmental protection

2022-12-22 来源:转载自第三方

BICINE is an organic compound with molecular formula of C6H13NO4 and molecular weight of 163.1717. BICINE is a buffer widely used in biochemical and medical research, such as enzyme reaction buffer, electrophoresis buffer, etc. As acid rain formed by acidic gases such as sulfur dioxide will seriously pollute the environment, CN101721884B patent has developed a flue gas desulfurization agent and a flue gas desulfurization method. The desulfurization agent is an aqueous solution containing 5-40% main absorption component, 2-10% activator, 0.1-2% antioxidant component and 50-90% acid. BICINE is used as an antioxidant component in the desulfurization agent. This week, YACOO editor will briefly introduce the desulfurizer and its preparation method.

The main absorption component is one or more of alkyl piperazine, hydroxyalkyl piperazine and hydroxyalkyl piperazinone;

The activators are piperazine and diazabicyclo;

The antioxidant component is at least one of 4-tert-butyl catechol, 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-benzol, acetone oxime and BICINE;

The acid is one or more of phosphoric acid, boric acid, citric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid.

Add 100g of N-hydroxyethyl piperazine, 100g of N-hydroxyethyl piperazinone, 20g of piperazine, 10g of diazabicyclo, 2g of sodium metavanadate, 3g of vanadium pentoxide, 3g of 4-tert-butyl catechol and 7g of BICINE into 500ml of water, then add 8g of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, stir evenly, adjust the acidity of the solution with 0.5mol/L phosphoric acid solution, and use distilled water to quantify to 1000g, control the pH value of the above solution to 7, and obtain the flue gas desulfurization agent.

The flue gas desulfurizer provided by this patent can be used to remove and recover sulfur dioxide from flue gas of power plant boilers, tail gas of sulfuric acid industry, metallurgical sintering flue gas and other gases, with a high desulfurization rate, and the rich liquid formed after desulfurization with this desulfurizer has good desorption performance.


CN101721884B  A flue gas desulfurizer and a flue gas desulfurization method.