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Application of CHAPS|CAS:75621-03-3| in medical materials

2023-02-16 来源:转载自第三方

CHAPS is an organic compound with molecular formula C32H58N2O7S and molecular weight 614.877.CHAPS is a kind of zwitterionic detergent, widely used in protein purification process. CHAPS can also be used in biochemical research to denature and split cells, extract RNA and DNA; In addition, CHAPS can also be used for the preparation of buffer solution. CN106693079B patent discloses a guided tissue regeneration membrane and its preparation method. CHAPS is used as a detergent in this patent. This week, YACOO editor briefly introduced the operation steps of dermal acellular treatment:
       1. Soak the dermis skin in 0.1%~0.9% sodium chloride solution and 1.0%~10% sodium chloride solution for 1~3 times, respectively, with each soaking time of 4~12 hours;
       2. Immerse the dermis skin in trypsin solution or neutral enzyme solution with a mass concentration of 0.1%~1.0%, and put it in a shaking table at 5 ℃~37 ℃ for 12h~48h;
       3. Wash the dermis skin in detergent solution(is sodium dodecyl sulfonate, tralatone or CHAPS)with mass concentration of 0.1%~1% for 2~8 times at 5℃~37℃, and the time for each washing is 2~10 hours;
       4. Use PBS or normal saline to clean the dermis skin 4 to 10 times, and the time for each cleaning is 2 to 10 hours.

CN106693079B Guided tissue regeneration membrane and its preparation method.


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