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Application of TES |CAS:7365-44-8|in cleaning agents

2023-03-31 来源:转载自第三方

2 - [[tri (hydroxymethyl) methyl] amino] ethanesulfonic acid, abbreviated as TES, CAS is 7365-44-8. TES is an organic compound with molecular formula C6H15NO6S and molecular weight 229.25. TES is a biological buffer, widely used in laboratory research and chemical and pharmaceutical synthesis. In addition, TES can also be used in incleaning agents. The CN108277101B patent provides a high-efficiency cleaning agent for electronic products, which includes a fluorinated amphoteric surfactant, cosolvent, defoamer, and deionized water.
The fluorinated amphoteric surfactant uses TES as the raw material, and the preparation method is as follows:
    (1)Dissolve TES in a solvent, add long chain haloalkanes to it, stir for 6-8 hours at 40-50 ℃, and then spin evaporate, wash with ether for 5-7 times, and then spin evaporate again to obtain the intermediate product;
   (2)The intermediate product obtained in step (1) is dissolved in deionized water, then sodium hydroxide and tetrabutylammonium bromide are added to it, and stirred at room temperature for 0.5-1.5 hours. Then, fluorinated long chain halogenated hydrocarbons are added to it, and stirred under reflux at 70-85℃ for 15-20 hours. After the reaction, it is cooled, extracted with dichloromethane, washed 3-5 times with water, dried overnight with anhydrous magnesium sulfate from the organic layer, and evaporated to remove the solvent, Obtaining a fluorinated amphoteric surfactant.
      The raw materials used in this product are easy to obtain and inexpensive. This highly effective cleaning agent combines the excellent characteristics of organic fluorine and amphoteric surfactants. The combination of the two has stronger cleaning capabilities and higher cleaning effects. It can effectively remove various pollutants remaining on the surface of electronic materials or products, ensuring cleaning uniformity.

CN108277101B An efficient cleaning agent for electronic products.


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