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CAS:593-85-1|Application of guanidine carbonate in Shipping

2023-07-27 来源:转载自第三方

Product Name/English Name:Guanidine carbonate
Molecular Formula:    C3H12N6O3
Article No.:T0055
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
Guanidine carbonate is an extremely versatile organic synthetic raw material and analytical reagent, mainly used as a pH regulator, antioxidant, resin stabilizer, and soap for amino resins. It is also used as an additive for cement slurries and surfactants. It can also be used as a moisture resistant and synergistic agent for detergents, cosmetic raw materials, etc.
Application of Guanidine carbonate
There are over 18000 species of attached animals and over 600 species of attached plants in various sea areas around the world. When marine organisms attach to the bottom of the ship, resistance increases, speed decreases, fuel consumption increases, and mechanical wear increases; The attachment of marine organisms also damages the paint film, accelerating the corrosion of steel plates. So far, applying anti fouling coatings is the most economical and effective measure to prevent the attachment of marine organisms. Anti fouling coatings form a paint film on the bottom of ships, gradually releasing toxic substances through the exudation, diffusion, or hydrolysis of the paint film, in order to prevent marine organisms from adhering to the ship's bottom or underwater facilities. CN108587273A patent provides an outer antifouling coating for ships and its preparation method. The outer antifouling coating includes 30-50 parts by weight of acrylic ester, 10-18 parts by weight of loose wax resin, 5-8 parts by weight of polymer composite antifouling masterbatch, 1-5 parts by weight of white carbon black, 10-20 parts by weight of organic modified bentonite, 5-10 parts by weight of pigments and fillers, 1-4 parts by weight of defoamer, and 15-25 parts by weight of composite solvent.
The polymer composite anti fouling masterbatch is a polymer material synthesized with polyamines and guanidine salts. The specific steps for preparing polymer composite antifouling masterbatch are as follows: take 100g of Ethylenediamine and 190g of guanidine carbonate(CAS:593-85-1), add them into a 500ml three necked bottle, stir and heat up to 100℃ under the protection of nitrogen, and react for 1h; Then heat up to 190℃ for 8 hours of reaction; 15g maleic anhydride was added, and the reaction ended after 15 minutes, with an average molecular weight of 2800.
The anti fouling coating uses polymer composite anti fouling masterbatch for sterilization and anti fouling, with high bactericidal activity and expanded bactericidal broad-spectrum, And the texture is delicate and smooth, improving the smoothness of the coating surface.

CN108587273A Outer anti fouling coating for ships and its preparation method.


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