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CAS:126213-50-1| Application of PEDOT in Semiconductor

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Product Name:Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
English abbreviation:PEDOT
Molecular Formula:C6H6O2S
Article No.:    J0230
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
PEDOT is a polymer of EDOT. PEDOT has the characteristics of simple molecular structure, small energy gap, and high conductivity, and is widely used in the research of organic thin film solar cell materials, OLED materials, electrochromic materials, transparent electrode materials, and other fields.
Application of PEDOT
Zinc oxide is a promising path semiconductor in TFT for low-cost thin film transistor (TFT) circuits and other low-cost electronic devices used in the manufacturing of large area displays. However, the conventional methods for preparing zinc oxide semiconductor layers may be expensive, involving high equipment investment and complex processing techniques. Therefore, simpler and cheaper manufacturing methods are needed. To address this issue, the CN101358339B patent provides a method for manufacturing amorphous zinc oxide semiconductor layers. The specific method is:
     (a) Liquid deposition of zinc oxide precursor compositions to obtain deposited compositions;
     (b) Composition deposited by heating;
     (c) Cooled and heated deposition composition;
The gate electrode can be a thin metal film, a conductive polymer film, or a conductive film prepared from conductive ink or paste or the substrate itself, such as heavily doped silicon. The gate electrode material can be aluminum, nickel, gold, silver, copper, zinc, indium, zinc gallium oxide, indium tin oxide, indium antimony oxide, conductive polymer such as polystyrene sulfonate doped poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PSS-PEDOT), and a conductive ink/paste composed of carbon black/graphite or colloidal silver dispersion in the polymer substrate.
The preparation method of the present invention is simple, the raw materials used are cheap, and is conducive to industrial production.

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