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CAS:5625-37-6| The Application of PIPES in Medical

2024-01-05 来源:转载自第三方

Product Name:PIPES
Molecular Formula:            C8H18N2O6S2
Article No.:P0002
Structural Formula:

Product Introduction
PIPES is mainly used as a biological buffer and can be used in laboratory research and chemical production processes.
Application of PIPES
The use of RNA to deliver exogenous genetic information to target cells provides an attractive alternative to DNA. The advantages of using RNA include transient expression and non translational features. RNA does not need to enter the nucleus for expression, and in addition, RNA does not integrate into the host genome, thereby eliminating the risk of tumor development. RNA can be delivered through lipoplex formulations, where RNA binds to liposomes composed of a mixture of cationic lipids and auxiliary lipids to form injectable nanoparticle formulations. However, the development of formulations for delivering bioactive RNA to target tissues and methods for providing long shelf life for manufacturing injectable RNA lipoplex granules in compliance with GMP cannot meet existing needs. Therefore, the CN113924082A patent provides an RNA lipoplex granule formulation to address the aforementioned issues. The RNA lipoplex particle composition comprises RNA, lipids, sodium chloride, stabilizer, and buffer.
Among them, buffering agents can be sodium bicarbonate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, disodium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, TAPS, Bicine, Tris, Tricine, HEPES, TES, PIPES, dimethylarsinic acid, MES, MOPSO, or phosphate buffered saline . Another suitable buffer can be acetate, citrate, borate, and phosphate.
This patent is used for storing RNA lipoplex particles without compromising product quality, particularly for methods and compositions that do not compromise RNA activity. The RNA lipoplex granule preparation in this patent can be frozen or dehydrated by freeze drying, spray drying or related methods, so that the product shelf life can be extended compared with liquid storage.

CN113924082A  Preparation and storage of liposome RNA preparations suitable for treatment.