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Information confusion of TMB sulfate and TMB propane sulfonate

2015-06-04 来源:转载自第三方
Key words: chemical; diagnostic reagent; material information
It was found that most suppliers on the Internet confuse TMB sulfate, TMB propane sulfonate and TMB propanesulfonic acid together, although they are all diagnostic reagents, and has similar application, but in fact these substances are still very different.
In fact, by querying the foreign database, we found the TMB sulfate CAS number: 54827-18-8, TMB propanesulfonic acid CAS number: 102062-36-2, TMB sodium propionate CAS number: 10262-46-4, The CAS number of these things in our country is basically 102062-36-2, which is the CAS number of TMB propanesulfonic acid. The molecular formula, structural formula and relative molecular weight are more wrong, and the basic versions do not correspond to each other.
This situation is mainly due to the late start of China's chemical industry development, and some irregularities or errors have been extended, leading to some mistakes in the domestic market that have been accepted by most people. However, when these are compared with international information, the problem arises. Therefore, we feel that the error in product information should be corrected, and it is more conducive to the development of domestic chemical industry.
TAG list: diagnostic reagents, biomedicine, custom synthesis, intermediate BPC, chemical reagents