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Yacoo product——PEDOT organic conductive material

2015-08-17 来源:转载自第三方
Keywords: PEDOT; EDOT; electrochemical material
PEDOT, chemical name poly(ethylene dioxythiophene), CAS number: 126213-51-2, blue-black solid, conductivity (600S/cm), is a polythiophene derivative. PEDOT and its derivatives are widely used conductive polymeric materials, which have attracted a great deal of interest due to their excellent properties such as high electrical conductivity, good stability and high visible light transmittance. In particular, success in industrial applications has led to the rapid development of conductive polymers.
PEDOT was originally developed by the German Bayer electrochemical materials, the study found that PEDOT doped state has the characteristics of high conductivity, good thermal stability, not easily oxidized etc. but PEDOT is insoluble, which limits its application. Researchers used a water-soluble polymer electrolyte polystyrene sulfonic acid (PSS) doping to solve the processing problems of PEDOT. The obtained PEDOT/PSS film has high conductivity, high mechanical strength, high visible light transmittance and superiority stability and so on. Therefore, the research of PEDOT and its dopants has gained a very important position in the field of electrochemistry.
There are many researches on PEDOT at home and abroad, including the electrical properties, optical properties, application properties for PEDOT and PEDOT/PSS, PEDOT/PSS-VS and so on. Currently, PEDOT is mainly used in solid electrolyte capacitors, antistatic coatings, photovoltaic cells (ie, solar cells), organic electroluminescent devices and so on.
Although much progress has been made in the research of PEDOT, many patents have been filed by Bayer for protection in this respect, especially in the synthesis of its monomeric ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT). Therefore, the synthesis of monomer EDOT through independent innovation has important theoretical and practical significance. It is worth mentioning that many patents have expired.
For the above reasons, EDOT synthesis method has made great development in recent years, from the initial "five-step method" to the present "four-step method", "two-step method" and "new five-step method", The method makes its production technology matures. This also broke Bayer's patent monopoly. At present, due to the special structure and properties of PEDOT and its derivatives, as well as the continuous improvement of the physical modification technology and chemical modification, the rapid development of the conductive polymers has led to the widening and updating of the application fields. The demand of EDOT will also be more and more.
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