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How to use IPTG (367-93-1) as an active inducer

2015-08-18 来源:转载自第三方
Keywords: IPTG; use; inducing substance
Isopropyl-β-D-thiogalactoside (367-93-1), referred to as IPTG, white crystal powder, is the β-galactosidase activity inducing substance. As an activity-inducing substance, IPTG is usually not directly used, but to be configured as an aqueous solution with the relevant treatment and specific applications. On the one hand, it gives better stability of the IPTG, and on the other hand, it makes it possible to have uniform contact with the medium in use. IPTG is a highly effective inducer, is not metabolized by bacteria and very stable, it is widely used in laboratories. In use, IPTG is first prepared as an aqueous solution of 23.83mg/mL (100mM), filtered and sterilized before storage. Then 100 μL of the above solution, 200 μL of X-Gal (20mg/ml dimethylformamide (DMF) solution) and 100 μL of Amp (100 mg/ml) were added to 100 ml of agar medium, made into IPTG, X-Gal, Amp plate medium. After the DNA fragment has been inserted into the pUC series vector (or other vector carrying lacZ, Amp gene) and then transformed into lacZ-deficient cells, the IPTG, X-Gal and Amp plate media described above are applied, and it is easily to select gene recombinants according to the blue-white (white for DNA recombinants with DNA inserts).
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