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Product introduction of sodium 3-(N-morpholinyl)-2-hydroxypropane sulfonate (79803-73-9)

2015-10-23 来源:转载自第三方
Sodium 3-(N-morpholinyl)-2-hydroxypropane sulfonate, abbreviated as MOPSO-Na. Its related physical properties are as follows:
Alias: sodium 3-morpholine-2-hydroxypropane sulfonate
CAS No.: 79803-73-9
Item No.: M0004
Molecular formula: C7H14NNaO5S
Molecular weight: 247.245
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Content: 98.0%-101%
Uses: biological buffer
Storage conditions: normal temperature
MOPSO-Na is a biological buffer similar to MOPSO. It is mainly used in scientific research. The pKa is 6.9 at 25°C, and the pH range is 6.2-~7.6.
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