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2016 Yacoo Western Campus Recruitment Was Completely Successful!

2016-10-18 来源:亚科官网
 18 October 2016
   10~15 October 2016, Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd. launched the western Campus recruitment fair, including Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Electronic Science and Technology University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest Jiaotong University and Chongqing University. The recruitment received great attention from the college students, and we are very satisfied with the results of this recruitment.
   The main recruitment position of the campus are: network marketing engineers, sales assistants, network editors, quality inspectors and R & D laborers. It attracted a lot of students once the fair began, they were all interested in the positions and delivered resumes.
   Yacoo dispenses equal justice to all candidated, hoping to attract more talents to join our family. We hope to become a stage for the students who are practical and hardworking and good at learning. At the same time, we hope the new staff could make a better future together with our company!

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