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The Basketball Game——Write with the Passion

2016-10-24 来源:亚科官网
24 October 2016
    Last weekend, a spectacular friendship basketball tournament was held at Suzhou 123 Sports Center. Zhang Xudong, from Suzhou Yacoo Science Co. Ltd., headed a team to participate in the basketball game on behalf of Yacoo.
   Both players got quickly into the state at the beginning of the game, all majestic and spirited. Each scrambled for the basketball at the court, the enthusiasm of both players ran high. All the athletes set friendship before competition. They give the best account of oneself and display fine sportsmanship.
    The basketball game not only enriched the amateur life of staff, but also ignited the majority of employees to join the enthusiasm and confidence in sports, reflecting that Yacoo has been advocating the focus on training the spirit of the overall quality of staff, while enhancing the friendship between employees, and cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation. Yacoo has always concerned about the physical and mental health of employees, pay attention to the culture of our company, we believe that this will develop the company in a health fast way.

basketball game

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