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Close to nature, release of heart—Yacoo has an outing in the spring!

2017-03-07 来源:亚科官网
7 March 2017
  Spring in March, the grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air, everything rouses up from sleeping, it is a good time to go on a spring outing. In order to breathe the breath of spring, embrace the nature, make everyone flies the mood and ease the tension from work, 4 March, Yacoo organized a spring outing for all the staff and families.
  The sun is shining brightly on early spring morning, accompanied by the warm spring breeze, a tourist bus set out from the company and came to the destination—Taihu cowboy vocational village. The resort is situated on the first island of Taihu Xishan Island, surrounded by the accumulation of Linwu Cave, Shigong Hill, Misty Peak, Moon Bay Village and other famous attractions. The resort is built in accordance with the style of the western town of the United States, and reflects a rough, bold original ecological style as a whole. Wandering in the buildings and pastoral scenery, everyone were excited and felt the beauty of spring.
  At noon, the highlight "barbecue" begans, all people got hands-on experience and cooperated with each other, baked out of the first "game" in the curling smoke of this spring. Everyone chatted while eating and delivered baked food to each other, we fully enjoy the fun of “do-it-yourselfery, be well-fed and well-clothed”.
  After lunch, the sun far suspended in the air, throwing the radiant light. Yacoo prepared a variety of activities for everyone to choose: CS combat, two teams screened with rocks and plants, change the formation and cover each other. The fighting was very intense; hot springs, beauty, scraping and other health feast, everyone can put aside the troubles and exhaustion, relaxed and enjoyed life in the warm spring,.
  When darkness falled, the campfire party began. Everyone played together, danced together. The bonfire lit the passion, we were around the circle hand in hand and wished Yacoo a better future, the atmosphere was cheerful,
  During the spring outing, we not only appreciated the beautiful scenery, relaxed our bodies and minds, eased the pressure brought about by work lives, the outing but also provided a platform for communication. After a brief understanding of this trip, we have to start a new round of work, we believe that everyone will be more energetic and work with higher enthusiasm, make a great contribution for the development of the company.
  In this beautiful spring, we sail again and fight for a more brilliant future of Suzhou Yacoo!