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Congratulations! The Seminar "Medical Information Retrieval and Utilization" hosted by Yacoo achieve complete success!

2017-05-19 来源:亚科官网
19 May 2017
  14:00 on May 18, 2017, The seminar "medical information retrieval and utilization" hosted by the Suzhou Yacoo Science Co., Ltd. and Dushu Lake Library, co-organized by Yaozhi is coming. Many pharmaceutical-related R & D personnel and managers came into the meeting room, exchanged and discussed how to efficiently use large data to solve the problem of medical retrieval and analysis.
  This is a medical event, but we only talk about information and data, do not talk about poetry and distant encounters.
  Professor Li Tianquan, is the co-founder of Yaozhi network, executive vice president of Chongqing Kangzhou Medical Data Research Institute, has engaged in the research and development in pharmaceutical industry for a long time, commitment to a number of national and provincial R & D projects, obtained 5 national invention patents, and successful developed dozens of new products such as Ibuprofen & Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride tablets. This time, Professor Li brought us two significant speech—"the development and application of medical information" and "the use of information to crack the formulation and technology of original prescription drug."
  At the meeting, Professor Li show everyone the basic situation and ideas of changes and utilization of information. In the face of the information society, the access capacity of medical professionals also reflects the professional level, only through the combination of data and experience, select accurate, comprehensive, intelligent Database, certificate information in multi-dimensional, and collect, process, analyze the data, professionals can obtain effective information to help the selection of R & D projects, enhance the competitive strength and promote the development of enterprises.
  At the same time, after the big bang of new drug in the beginning of this century, expired patents gradually increased, generic technology has been favored. In the process of generic research and development, how to use data information, master the rules of the game, crack the original prescription process, become the key to enhance the competitiveness. Professor Li also make the analysis of how to use the information to crack the original research prescription process in depth, shared methods to get and use the prescription process information.
  In the intermission of the two themes, the conference organizer Suzhou Yacoo also prepare a tea break, so that everyone can relax the high-speed operation of the brain in the intense meeting intermittent. At the same time, Yacoo also share our new chemical customization project incubator--chemunion, you can visit the the website, and we will continue to improve and increase the function to enhance your experience.
  Finally, in the warm applause of all people, the meeting ended successfully. As mentioned before, the value of data, affects the development of enterprise decision-making direction, promote the upgrading of business models, determines the precise positioning of enterprise transformation. The attention of the data, also reflects the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical field. We believe that through the sharing of exchanges, participants have found their way.
  Here, our thoughts are inspired; here, our dreams set sail again! Let us struggle on the stage of Chinese medicine! 

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