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The 2020 annual summary meeting was successfully held

2021-01-29 来源:亚科官网

On January 29, the 2020 Annual Summary Meeting with the theme of "Love You as Always" was grandly held at the YACOO headquarters. Zhang Fang, general manager of YACOO, and all the employees participated in the meeting, reviewed the achievements and shortcomings in 2020, and planned the development ideas and goals in 2021.

The general manager made a key analysis from three aspects: work effectiveness and deficiencies, work ideas in 2021, and future development plans. She affirmed the efforts and achievements of all employees in the past year, and said that in 2021, the company will continue to improve its research and development capabilities. On the big stage of YACOO, let everyone fully realize their self-worth, complete more challenges, and give back to the society better.

At the meeting, the heads of each departments systematically summarized and analyzed the work of their departments, and actively formulated improvement measures and key work plans for 2021, determined to achieve better results in the new year's work.

At this meeting, the company commended colleagues with outstanding performance. The steady development of YACOO is based on the common struggle of all YACOO people. Everyone is amazing!
The meeting also arranged a celebration party and a lucky draw session. During the tea break, many employees also drew surprise gifts.

At the new starting point in 2021, YACOO will embark on a new journey and consistently give back to our customers. Dear YACOOERS, let's meet again next year!