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YACOO was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the "2021 China Yangtze River Delta Youth Business Summit Forum"

2021-10-14 来源:亚科官网

On October 14th, the "2021 China Yangtze River Delta Youth Business Summit Forum" was grandly opened in Wujiang District, Suzhou City. The theme of this forum was "Wisdom gathers in the Yangtze River Delta, technology creates the future". ​​​​​​

Fu Zhenbang,Secretary of the Secretariat of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, pointed out in this speech:

The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the regions with the most active economic development, the highest degree of openness and the strongest innovation capability in China. It is hoped that young entrepreneurs will have great ideals, concentrate on following the Communist Party, and show responsibility in promoting high-quality development; forge ahead in the trend of the times, and find a combination between national strategy and enterprise development , explore the development path under the strategic background of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta; bravely climb the peak of innovation and enhance the core competitiveness. Make new breakthroughs in various emerging fields and become a leader.

During the meeting, the four Yangtze River Delta youth business innovation consortiums, including integrated circuits, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, and artificial intelligence, were formally established, bringing together 88 Youth business enterprises. Through industrial chain integration, upstream and downstream interaction, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., we will promote joint research on key technologies and the transformation of achievements, and use technological innovation to empower the green development. A total of 18 cooperation projects were signed during the meeting. The total investment of the project is expected to be nearly 6 billion yuan, covering high-end manufacturing, biomedical, big data, Internet of Things and other fields.

A nation will prosper only when its young people thrive. The integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region is inseparable from the participation of young entrepreneurs and the close collaboration between industry-university-research. As a "professional manufacturer of biological buffers", YACOO will continue to use its own technical advantages to industrial ecology, from talent support to technical research, to deepen the cooperation between young business enterprises, industrial parks, scientific research institutes, etc. Provide important support for the innovation and development of the industry where it is located, form a joint force, and promote the rapid development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

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