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The foundation stone laying ceremony of YACOO headquarters was a complete success

2021-11-15 来源:亚科官网

On November 12, the foundation stone laying ceremony of YACOO headquarters and the signing ceremony of Roche global operation strategic cooperation came to a successful conclusion. 


Yuan Yongkun, chairman of YACOO, delivered a speech and said ,The development of YACOO is inseparable from the guidance and support of the leaders of the industrial park government, the trust of customers, the incubation and cultivation of science and education companies in the industrial park, and the support from investors ORIZA and ASSOR. It only took less than half a year for the headquarters R&D building project to start construction. This is not only a powerful demonstration of enterprising and efficient development of YACOO, but also a full demonstration of the excellent business environment and the full promotion of enterprise development of the industrial park . We firmly believe that the foundation-laying of the R&D building today will become a milestone event in the development of YACOO, and we will also be able to make new and greater contributions to the innovation and development of the industrial park's social economy.

At the ceremony, YACOO signed a strategic cooperation with Roche Diagnostics. YACOO provides key raw materials related to diagnostic reagents for Roche Diagnostics' global operations. YACOO will provide more professional and extensive integrated solutions based on the existing cooperation. The two parties will accelerate the all-round connection of research and development systems, quality systems, and supply chain systems, and jointly promote the implementation of more innovative diagnostic technologies and treatment plans in China and around the world.

The headquarter covers an area of about 10,000m2, with a total construction area of more than 30,000m2,and is designed and constructed with high standards of LEED platinum energy saving and environmental protection. After the project is completed and put into use, it will be possible to gather more than 300 high-end talents to carry out innovation work, and plans to build it into a provincial engineering technology research center and a national key laboratory.

In the future, YACOO will continue to improve its production capacity and R&D strength, continue to provide important fine chemical raw materials for downstream biological research, IVD, biomedicine, coating modification and other industries, and make significant contributions to the development of China's IVD industry.


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