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The foundation stone laying ceremony of YACOO Anqing production base was a complete success

2021-12-01 来源:亚科官网

On November 30, the foundation stone laying ceremony of YACOO Anqing production base came to a successful conclusion.

Yuan Yongkun, chairman of YACOO, delivered a speech and said,The smooth foundation of the YACOO Anqing project is inseparable from the support of leaders in Anqing, as well as the efforts of all parties involved in the construction along the way. This project is not only the production base of YACOO's future high-end biological buffers and supporting key raw materials, but also an important strategic layout for participating in international competition and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the company in the future. After the project is completed, it will surely become one of the powerful power sources for the innovation of biomedical materials in the high-tech zone. YACOO will also continue to increase investment in Anqing, and continue to make great contributions to the innovative development of Anqing's social economy.

Company overview

YACOO founded in 2003, has won a series of honorary such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Jiangsu High-tech Product", "Suzhou Industrial Park Gazelle Enterprise", and "Suzhou Industrial Park Listed Nursery Enterprise". A leading enterprise in the R&D and manufacturing of biological buffers in China. The headquarters of YACOO,with the R&D Center , is located at Suzhou Industrial Park. The production bases with a total area of 200, 000 m2 are located in Shandong Jining New Material Industrial Park and Anqing High-tech Enterprise Development Zone.

In the future, YACOO will continue to improve its production capacity and R&D strength, continue to provide important fine chemical raw materials for downstream biological research, IVD, biomedicine, coating modification and other industries, and make significant contributions to the development of China's IVD industry.