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The National Key R&D Project that YACOO Participated in was Approved

2022-01-12 来源:亚科官网

Recently, the national key project"Advanced Structure and Composite Materials” (“Preparation and Industrialization of Low-Cost High-Performance Bio-based Polyester and Polycarbonate”project) participated by YACOO was approved.

The project is led by the bio-based polymer team of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering(NIMTE), and the project leader is researcher Zhu Jin. Professor Zhu joined 10 domestic superior scientific research units, universities and enterprises to participate. In this project, YACOO mainly participated in the sub-project of "Industrialization Demonstration and Application of Low-Cost CBDO  and High-Tg High-Impact-Resistant Transparent Polyester".

Facing the major national needs, this project focuses on the problems of high cost and few grades of bio-based polymer materials, and focuses on the development of low-cost bio-based FDCA and isosorbide preparation technologies. The development of domestic preparation technologies for CHDM and CBDO, based on bio-based monomers and new monomers, develop a variety of bio-based polyesters and polycarbonates, and realize the full chain research from monomers, polymers to back-end applications. At the same time, by finely adjusting the product structure, researching the temperature resistance, mechanical properties, barrier properties, etc. of the products, and developing high-performance polyester and polycarbonate products. This project is expected to eventually achieve the global technological leadership of domestic bio-based high-barrier polyesters and the import substitution of high-heat-resistant polyesters and polycarbonates, and form the systematic independent research of domestic materials. It provides important support for the realization of domestic independent supply of high-performance polymer materials and their composite materials in China.

Through the implementation of this project, the in-depth cooperation between YACOO and domestic well-known institutes, universities and enterprises in the field of bio-based polymer materials will be strengthened, the company's ability to undertake major scientific research tasks will be enhanced, and the company's new material research work and business technology will be continuously enhanced. It lays the foundation for the company to expand the technology in the upstream and downstream fields of new materials, and promotes the field of new materials in China to continue to new heights.

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